A smiling boy plays basketball at a playground..
Young boy having fun with a basket ball at an outdoor playground. Horizontal flip.

Building a Culture of Health means working together to develop solutions that can be scaled across all communities, and then taking action that supports these solutions. 

We use our Action Framework as a critical tool to achieve this. It identifies priorities—and organizes them under four distinct Action Areas—for driving measurable, sustainable progress and improving the health and wellbeing of all.

Making Health a Shared Value

In many ways, one’s personal health affects others. How can individuals, families, and communities work to achieve and maintain health and wellbeing for all?

Fostering Cross-Sector Collaboration

How can we encourage successful partnerships and policies and encourage ongoing cooperation across all sectors?

Creating Healthier, More Equitable Communities

How can we develop safe environments that nurture children, support aging adults, and offer equitable access to healthy choices?

Strengthening Integration of Health Services and Systems

How can healthcare providers work with institutional partners to address the realities of patients' lives?